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Sydney Cowie is a creative from Toronto, Ontario who loves to share her passion for art, movement, and wellness. 

Sydney has always had a love for creating, whether it's through drawing a picture or choreographing a dance, she continues to find different ways to express herself through art.

She currently works as a Community Manager for a social impact marketing agency, PUBLIC Inc., working with a wide range of brands to build their online communities, foster meaningful engagement, and drive desired results.

Sydney also works as a dance teacher, barre instructor, and yoga instructor. She shares her fitness and wellness lifestyle on a blog with her friend called Yoga Twins. Teaching, in all it's forms, is where she really thrives. Whether it's in the studio, at the office, or online, Sydney is a natural leader show loves sharing her knowledge.

Sydney, on top of working full time at PUBLIC and part time teaching at multiple studios, also runs an online art store, Twenty 20 Design. Alongside her partner Leon, they create custom artwork to brighten clients' homes in a personalized way.    

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